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I had a stomach virus. Endo story.

P.S. I finished my Latin paper last night at like 6:30 and my mom turned it in this morning. Ummkayyyyyy?

Vocab for 23 and 24

patior -- suffer
peroro -- speak from beginning to end
seditionis -- fem, rebellion
Neapolitanus-a-um -- of Naples
Alexandrinus-a-um of Alexandria
pulsatio -- fem, repeated striking
Puteolanus-a-um -- of Puteoli
Palla -- masc., Palla, an unknown individual
Dio -- masc, Dio
exspecto -- wait for, expect
timeo -- fear
fateor -- concede
adiutor -- masc, helper
conscius-a-um -- sharing knowledge
libero -- free
igitur -- therefore, adv.
committo -- commit
absolvo -- loosen
pertimesco -- become very much afraid of
conscientia -- fem, joint knowledge, conscience
plus -- neut, more
prosum -- help
obsum -- do harm
aspergo -- sprinkle
praevaricatio -- fem, illegal collusion
perfacilis-is-e -- very easy
praesertim -- especially, adv.
seiungo -- separate
doceo -- tell, inform
rego -- direct, guide, rule
praeditus-a-um -- endowed with
mors, mortis -- fem, death
doctrina -- fem, instruction
humsniysd -- fem, culture
hospitium -- neut, hospitality
teneo -- hold
apud -- prep w/ acc., at, near, by
cognosco -- learn
Alexandria -- fem, Alexandria
frater, fratris -- masc, brother
produco -- bring forward

Hope that helps. :)
Well, wish me luck. I am going to the gym tonight to work with my "personal trainer." I dunno why they call him that. He's only my personal trainer for an hour (a complimentary man when you join) and then he sets me free, off to the world of working out and becoming fit.

I have no articles of lucky clothing. No lucky underwear, no lucky shirt, no lucky headband...hm.

"Left your heart in the hands of a juggling clown..."
Does anyone know when school officially begins and when it officially ends? I know you have to be at the darn buses by 2:18, but that doesn't tell us much.

Ahem. Sarcasm.

My mom got gas for only $2.66. What a BARGAIN!

May. 9th, 2006

Video killed the radio star and every day I ride the bus.

Plus, Pearl Harbor sucks...and I miss you.

Finally, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

P.S. Hey, little sister, who's your superman?

Weird Noise Outside My Bedroom Window

French is my new best friend, yo.

They may be woolly. Women do get woolly....Try a little tenderness.

Mar. 29th, 2006

I don't feel any different now that I am sixteen. Should I?

Oh, and Andrew did give me something. Chocolates. They were goooooood.

I can't wait until May 22.

Eating Extra Noodles

Today is the day where I am officially starting on my Trapp project. I figure I will take my time, not put too much pressure on myself, and will put the finishing touches on tomorrow. Today is going to suck.

Andrew came back Monday and I talked to him Tuesday. We are probably going out Saturday. That was the 4-1-1 on Andrew.

While I eat lunch, I am going to watch Walk the Line. My mom and I rented it until we can get the deluxe edition with all the cool stuff inside.

Basically, for this whole break, I have just been watching movies. Big surprise.

Lost was so freaking lame last night. I mean, there was some good stuff, but a lot of it was just annoying.

Anyway...I think I will end up getting fat from all these Girl Scout cookies.

My Stream of Consciousness, Bitches.

Well, this is really the only time I could get on tonight. Technically, that's not true. I mean, I didn't have to watch the two-hour pilot of Lost just because I hadn't seen it before. That little two hours was not exactly a necessity. However, I think it was worth it. That pilot was freakin' awesome. I could tell why Lost became such a big hit so quickly. I mean, a polar bear in the jungle? How cool is that!

You know how World War II went on for around six years or so? That's what my relationship with him is starting to feel like. Oh, wait, we're not even in a real relationship yet. I wish he would figure out whatever he is trying to figure out with me and get it over with. I mean, by the time we start dating (if we ever start dating, that is), we'll have run all out of conversation. And why do I always feel like such an idiot when I'm with him? Argggh. Maybe he just doesn't like me yet. Even I'm not sure. Although, I am pretty positive that I do. I mean, everytime I'm not with him, I miss him. And then when I'm with him, I get all nervous and have nothing interesting to say at all. Is that liking somebody? I dunno. I want to like him, but I don't know if he likes me.

Wow. I had a lot more to say on that subject than I thought I did. And everything I wrote down was basically stream of consciousness, like we've been learning in American Lit.

Hey, guys, I think we have a new goal: To make Mr. Baldy in American Lit. smile. He never seems to smile or laugh for longer than two seconds. He has to have some excitment somewhere in that bald spot, right?

I should go to bed. I am just going to be tired tomorrow morning and have no energy to talk to him. He does have a nice smile, doesn't he? I think so. I miss him. More than I want to, actually. Oh, Jesus. I'm sorry, I'm just ranting and not making any sense. Really, very sorry.